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Making New Year resolutions stick with vision, planning


At this time of the year, many women are very clear about their good intentions, but often New Year’s resolution often fall away in six months or so due to a lack of planning.

A LifeVision workshop Jan. 30 – Feb. 1 is using art, movement, visioning and goal setting to help women create long-term plans to achieve success in all areas of their lives.

LifeVision is designed to support people in creating a whole life plan. It is especially powerful for people who are facing or want to effect major changes in their personal lives or professional careers. LifeVision is a whole life planning tool for personal and professional planning.

Participants have included seasoned professionals contemplating a career move, first-time entrepreneurs on the verge of launching a new product or service, working parents and stay-at-home moms taking stock of their lives and re-focusing on their goals, and individuals who have lost sight of what is important to them.

The LifeVision program was developed by Shelly Anderson of Envision and is being taught in Hawaii by Andrea Dean and Rebecca Lux Parks.

LifeVision workshop, Jan. 30-Feb. 1

LifeVision workshop, Jan. 30-Feb. 1

“I was first introduced to LifeVision while training as a life and business coach. As someone with experience in business planning, I really liked the more holistic idea of life planning and life visioning,” Dean said. “We all have aspirations in different areas of our lives – business, artistic, physical, spiritual – and the LifeVision program takes this all into account.”

The LifeVision program includes five modules: My Historical Landscape, My Purpose Framework, Growing My Hopes and Dreams, My Vision, and Go Get It. Participants will engage in silent reflection, creative visualizations, verbal discussions, creating collages and movement.

Co-facilitator Rebecca Parks helps people tune into their body’s wisdom as well as to have fun and experience joy in movement.

“I believe that our body, mind, spirit, emotions and life are inseparable. The way I move in and through my body is a metaphor for how I move through my life,” Parks said. “The exploration of our body-mind connection through breath, movement and open attention to sensations creates the opportunity to renegotiate holding patterns. We can realign ourselves to be more present as we move into the future.”

Facilitated by Andrea Dean and Rebecca Lux Parks, sponsored by the New Moon Foundation.

Workshop Dates: Friday, Jan. 30 — Sunday, Feb. 1.

Location: Halawa House, a New Moon Foundation property in North Kohala.

Cost: $495 + $35 for participant workbook. Workshop fee includes workshop, food and lodging (shared rooms) and both a pre & post workshop conference calls.

For further information or to register, call Parks at 889-6276 or visit…

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