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KOC gardener’s quarterly potluck Jan. 14


Norm Bezona will host the next quarterly gardener’s potluck social event at 10:30 a.m., Wednesday, Jan. 14 at the Kona Cloud Forest Sanctuary in Kaloko Mauka.

This is a no-fee reservation-required event for the gardener’s potluck group, which includes past students from the West Hawaii UH Master Gardeners program, Kona Outdoor Circle Tropical Gardener Advisors & Seasonal Tropical Gardening program students, local Garden Advice Line volunteers and other area gardening enthusiasts and friends. Newcomers are welcome. 

The event includes:

* A pruning practicum – including hydrangea bushes and tree fuchsias, which can be rooted from fresh cuttings. Bring pruning shears and plastic bags for take-away cuttings. Dress appropriately for a pruning party – work pants, work gloves, a sun hat, work shoes. KOC’s Grand Dame of Pruning, Diana Duff, will review “the 4 Ds” she covers during pruning classes (i.e., prune away branches that are dead, diseased, disfigured or dysfunctional). She will also demonstrate proper pruning techniques. Hours of volunteer community gardening service may be credited toward annual gardeners certification requirements. 

* A potluck luncheon – Bring a buffet dish to share and a favorite beverage. At the Jungle House, the bathroom adjacent to the large tropical bird aviary will be available. Attendees who would prefer not to sit on the Jungle House wooden steps when eating lunch may bring folding chairs for the potluck luncheon/schmoozing/socializing portion of this event.

* A guided tour geared toward the gardening student – Bezona will lead a tour through portions of the Cloud Forest Sanctuary, answer questions and dole out a few gardener tips for appropriate plant selection, pre-planting prep work and ongoing plant maintenance. 

Kona Cloud Forest Sanctuary is located at the 3,000-foot level of Hualalai Mountain in rugged terrain, a sometimes cool and often damp cloud forest environment, with the possibility of brief rain showers and/or mosquito activity.

Reservation deadline is Monday, Jan. 12.

— Find out more:
Kona Outdoor Circle: 329-7286,

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