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New Year’s message from Gov. Lingle


From a New Year’s message released by Gov. Linda Lingle:

‘The year ahead will not be business-as-usual. Economic realities in Hawaii and across our nation and the world require that we make difficult but necessary decisions to ensure our limited fiscal resources are used to preserve essential services and protect the well-being of our residents. 

‘While we will be called on to make shared sacrifices, we must also work collaboratively and innovatively to seize the opportunity to invest in areas of long-term importance to our state, such as increasing Hawaii’s energy security, improving our infrastructure, supporting education, moving forward on affordable housing solutions, continuing to help our homeless gain self-sufficiency and protecting our natural and cultural resources.

‘As we commemorate Hawaii’s 50th anniversary of statehood in 2009, I have confidence that Hawaii’s people will come together in the spirit of unity to employ the same hard work, determination, creativity, humility and aloha spirit that have enabled our islands to flourish and have made Hawaii so special. 

‘I wish you a safe and happy New Year, filled with hope and optimism.

Hauoli Makahiki Hou!

Gov. Linda Lingle

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