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Kona Joe’s Hawaii-Kenya blend to honor Obama


Like most in Hawaii, Kona coffee farmers Joe and Deepa Tiare Alban closely followed Barack Obama’s path to the White House over the last year.

Barack O Blend

Barack O Blend

Once the election was over, the couple mulled the best way to celebrate the occasion and inspiration was not long coming  – create the “Barack O Blend.”

“Like everyone else, my husband and I were excited and we wanted to create something for our native born son of Hawaii,” said Alban, founder of Kona Joe Coffee and a native of Hawaii. 

The Barack O Blend comprises Hawaiian Indonesian and Kenya coffees, blended into a rich, smooth cup of joe.

“The presidential blend honors Hawaii and Kenya, two of the great coffee growing regions in the world,” Alban said. “It also is a way to honor Barack Obama’s personal story, which goes from Hawaii to Indonesia and Kenya, and back again, and now reaches all the way to the White House. It’s a way to recognize his place in history.”

To keep things patriotic, the Barack O Blend was packed by war veterans.

“It was important to make this a very special product,” Alban said. “My father and my husband’s father are war veterans, and I’ve always had great respect and admiration for all our military personnel. I’m really pleased to include some war veterans in the creation of the Barack O Blend.”

The veterans are part of the New Directions program, which offers a range of services for veterans who are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless.

Kona Joe Coffee is owned and operated by Deepa Tiare Alban along with her husband Joe Alban. They have been growing award-winning coffee beans for more than a decade on their 20-acre plantation on the southwestern slopes of Mount Hualalai, 1,000 feet above Kealakekua Bay.

The special Barack O Blend can be purchased at the farm, or on the Internet at For further information, call 896-8888.

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