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‘Yield’ reversal on Kilauea Avenue’s 4-mile bridge


Motorists crossing the “4-mile” bridge on Kilauea Avenue adjacent to Haihai Street in South Hilo are advised the “yield” and right-of-way has been reversed as of Tuesday, Dec. 16.

Previously, Puna-bound drivers yielded to oncoming traffic. Now, Hilo-bound drivers will yield to oncoming traffic.

The reversal will prevent congestion caused by Puna-bound vehicles waiting to cross the bridge and blocking the intersection of Haihai Street, preventing left turns both into Haihai from Kilauea and from Haihai onto Kilauea.

The road on the Puna side of the bridge has been widened four feet to give a wider lane to vehicles waiting at the new yield sign.

For further information, call the Public Works hotline at 334-9559.

For information on ongoing construction work for buildings and roads around the island, go to, click on media releases and scroll to Public Works.

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