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More work coming on Halekii extension


Last month, the county announced a delay on opening the proposed Halekii Street extension in South Kona an ordinance allowing use of the extension by way of a temporary easement was approved by the County Council.

The council has approved the rewording in the ordinance allowing the county to use a temporary easement for the proposed extension, which connects to the northern portion of the Mamalahoa Highway bypass.

The road likely will open sometime after a reported date in January 2009. The grant of easement between the county and Oceanside 1250 still being drafted, and must be approved by the council.

Public Works has a six more safety improvements to complete, by the end of January, to comply with the requirements of the ordinance passed by the council. 

These are:

* Add a pedestrian signal above Mamao at Halekii Street.

* Three-way stops at three intersections along Alii Drive – Lunapule, Royal Poinciana and at the intersection of Kaleiopapa and Alii Drive.  This is a prelude to installing traffic signals in 2010.

* Re-stripe a center lane along sections of Alii  Drive from Kamehameha III Road at Kona County Club to 500 feet beyond Kaleiopapa.  One section along this road isn’t wide enough for a left turn center lane.

* Pave an eight-foot wide pathway for pedestrian on the mauka side of Alii Drive.

* Four smart signs along between Kailua and Keauhou

* Installation of a pedestrian signal at Kona Scenic Park.

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