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Deluge generator nearly ready at NELHA


The demand for change is getting louder and Deluge, Inc. is now poised to deliver a radical upgrade in mechanical engineering that will have far-reaching effects worldwide.

The “Natural Energy Engine” developed by Deluge has gone from an inventor’s garage model to commercialization in Hawaii, where consumers pay four times the price for electricity as their counterparts on the mainland.

The new demands for change in infrastructure require a change in technology, not “fixes” using the same old thinking.

Deluge inventor Brian Hageman credits his shareholders for having the insight to recognize the potential of this technology, and helping the invention become reality.

The management team at Deluge has been a key component of the business’ development, helping the company stay focused on its mission, even with the constant diversions of new opportunities, he said.

Deluge, based in Arizona, nears completion of the first of two 250 kW engine/generators at the Natural Energy Laboratory of Hawaii Authority state-owned facility near Kona. The second unit for this project has just been configured in Deluge’s manufacturing center in Phoenix, and is now being shipped to Kona for installation.

The generators will supply electricity to the Big Island electric grid, although the media release did not specify a launch date.

The two units, each comprising 16 dual-piston engine cylinders, will be fed heat from solar thermal collectors built by Sopogy, Inc. of Hawaii. The Deluge engines will convert that heat to hydraulic pressure to drive the generators. The cooling cycle for the engines uses cold seawater from NELHA’s deep ocean facility.

The team of Deluge and Sopogy hope to build solar electric plants around the world.

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Brian Hageman, CEO of Deluge, Inc.:, 602-431-0566

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