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Two Ka‘u officers honored at luncheon


The Aloha Exchange Club of East Hawaii recognized two officers for “Officer of the Month” in a luncheon ceremony Thursday, Dec. 4. Dane Shibuya, a community police officer in Ka’u was named “Officer of the Month” for October and North Hilo Patrol Officer Van Reyes earned the same distinction for November.

Dane Shibuya

Officer Dane Shibuya with Aloha Exchange Club of East Hawaii President Winston Churchill

Shibuya was honored for his work as a community police officer and for filling in to supplement patrol officers. His commander at the time, Acting Captain Robert Fujitake Jr., said Shibuya leads the district each month with an average of 91 citations, five adult arrests, 20 criminal investigations and 14 miscellaneous calls for service.

“He never complains when given an assignment, and he is always willing to help out in any way that he can,” Fujitake said. “He is the type of officer that any supervisor would want working under their command.”

Officer Van Reyes

Officer Van Reyes with Aloha Exchange Club of East Hawaii President Winston Churchill

Reyes was recognized for his outstanding traffic enforcement since he was assigned to the North Hilo District in August 2007. Reyes has issued 49 percent of all speeding citations given in the district, as well as a large number of moving citations. Reyes also keeps a high visibility on the road to deter drivers from violating the law.

“This visual deterrent has made a huge impact on traffic safety within the district,” said Sgt. Greg Yamada, who supervises Reyes.

Yamada said Reyes’ initiative has influenced his fellow officers to issue more speeding citations. As a result, traffic crashes in the area are less than half what they were before Reyes transferred to North Hilo.

As “Officer of the Month,” both Shibuya and Reyes are eligible for “Officer of the Year.”

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