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Yeah, they really mean it …

Police are enforcing the new 50 mph speed limit along Mamalahoa Highway. So if you are driving on the upper highway, take your time, slow it down and enjoy the scenery. (But please don’t get distracted talking on the phone, changing the CD or doing whatever you do in the privacy of your vehicle that is not actually driving.)

The speed limit along Mamalahoa Highway from Waimea to Makalei was permanently reduced from 55 mph to 50 mph last month by the state Department of Transportation.

The existing 35 mph reduced speed limit near Puuanahulu remains unchanged.

Speeding on Mamalahoa Highway has become a growing concern, according to authorities, who did not elaborate on why believe the concern is actually growing.

A traffic study conducted by the community, the county Police Department and state Department of Transportation, however, did reveal that a 50 mph speed limit would better suit the roadway’s characteristics and increase overall safety. Specific results of that study were not included in the speed-reduction announcement.

The Police Department will continue enforcement of the posted speed limits.

Motorists are advised to make note of this speed limit reduction and to allow for extra travel time.

2 Responses to “Yeah, they really mean it …”

  1. Ma'ata says:

    I personally would like to see the study that says a 50 mph speed limit would better suit the road. Driving on the upper Mamalahoa Highway a lot, it is agony having to crawl along at 50mph on areas where the roads are straight and long. Especially when no one else is on the road. And in the early morning or late evening, when, again, no one else is on the road…

    DOT needs to put guard rails along the Pu’uanahulu hill, as I have seen over several cars and trucks that have gone off the side. Isn’t there a study on that? It would have been a better use of the money it is taking to put up all the 50mph signs.

    Except now, there will be hundreds more dollars generated by the police department in speeding tickets.

  2. Paul says:

    I heard the speed limit was being reduced to 50 mph in the monthly S Kohala Traffic meetings. My first response was “WHY?”. I said it was not a good idea.
    It will only make the slow drivers slower; the road slugs who already hold a line of traffic hostage. The tourists, the retired who have no time frame, the non-drivers can always use the lower highway. Leave the upper road to those of us who need to get from point A to point B in reasonable time; mainly the working people. We move safely with the flow of traffic, be it 60 or 65; we are programed to do this and do it well. By lowering the speed limit, you are raising the blood pressure and will cause the rate of crashes to climb!
    The PD says it doesn’t get to keep the ticket money; it goes into the State coffers. I don’t believe the PD agrees with the State lowered speed limit, but there is pressure among a few “watchdog” citizens (mostly retired with too much time on their hands) to show a presence on the upper hwy. I have been told (not telling who said) that this change of posted speed is expected to be ignored just like the Kohala Mtn. Road ridiculous 35 mph.
    The island working class needs to get to and from work and are basically very good drivers. The drinkers will probably drink more in their vehicles if the drive gets too boring.
    If you see a speed trap, warn others by flashing your headlights. Buy your radar detectors (save the cost of a ticket), slow down in Pu’uanahulu (and pull over there to let others pass if need be), and PLEASE slow down for wildlife on the roadside.


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