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Oops! Opening of Halekii extension delayed


Motorists planning to use the proposed Halekii Street extension in South Kona are advised the opening of the extension will be delayed until an ordinance allowing use of the extension is reworded to allow the use of the road under a grant of easement, according to Bruce McClure, County Public Works director.  

This process may take until February 2009. The projected opening date was Friday, Nov. 28.

The county Public Works Department has requested the existing ordinance be reworded to allow use of Halekii Street extension under a “grant of easement” instead of the specified “dedication.” The request to amend Section 5 of Ordinance 08- 59 Bill 251 was submitted to the Hawaii County Council Committee on Public Works and Intergovernmental Relations on Monday, Nov. 10.

The dedication of Halekii Street is one of the conditions that must be met before the 4,000-foot extension can be opened for limited use by the general public. The ordinance also specifies safety measures in Kona Scenic subdivision, in Keauhou, along Alii drive and between Hualalai Road and Kamehameha III, and along Kuakini Hwy and Mamalahoa must be completed prior to opening. Improvements are in various stages of construction and most are scheduled to be completed in November. The estimated cost for these short-term safety improvements are $5.5 million.

The new language requested by Public Works would change the wording of section 5 of ordinance 08-59 bill 251 to read—“This ordinance becomes opening after the new section of Haleki’i Street is dedicated and accepted by the County of Hawai’i and/or the land owner grants an easement to the County of Hawaii for the purposes of carrying out the requirements of this ordinance and is properly posted with signage for one-way traffic restriction…”

For background information, see “Mamalahoa Highway Bypass Opening Delayed,” Nov. 13:

3 Responses to “Oops! Opening of Halekii extension delayed”

  1. Mike Newton says:

    Wow, we need a Frank Fasi type leader to come in and do what’s right and not let the bureauocrats continue to make our local gov’t look like a joke that it is. We can only hope that Billy K will be that leader.

  2. Karin says:

    Thanks for your comment, Mike. A whole new era will be ushered in with Mayor Billy (I have to ask him if it’s cool to address him like that!) and, possibly, Kelly Greenwell and Guy Enriques on the council. How do you think they will act or re-act? Back to you for further comment …
    Thanks, The 247 Moderator

  3. Aaron Stene says:

    This wouldn’t be an issue if the Coupe’s didn’t fight the condemnation
    of their land. That in a nutshell is the reason why this road is incomplete.

    Now we have to wait for the Hawaii Supreme Court to render a ruling on the Coupe’s appeal.


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